Thursday, June 13, 2013

The build up for the 1928 March Races in Los Angeles

Our last post displayed the initial thoughts on the International Rule by Pacific Coast Yachting, an influential regional yachting journal. Readers of this magazine sailed and raced on the waters of the Pacific Ocean, from San Diego to San Francisco. There was a dedicated group of sailors in a variety of classes, as well as an active group of powerboat racers, both inboard and outboard. The following article appeared in the October 1927 edition of PCY and displays a number of photos from the 1927 Long Island Sound season, which included the Seawanhaka Cup and Scandinavian Gold Cup races. We earlier discussed Atrocia, which is pictured here, and there is commentary on the eminent R Class. One thing to note with these images if you are unable to read them - if you download them, you will be able to magnify and thus read them more easily.

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