Friday, June 14, 2013

Even more build up for the March races...

Herewith we find yet another article stirring interest in the upcoming races off of Los Angeles for several classes, including the R boats, 6 meters and Star class. This piece was published in the December 1927 edition of Pacific Coast Yachting and states an important fact - the upcoming March races would be the first time that fleets from the Atlantic and Pacific coasts would meet on the race course at a western venue. The article includes mentions of a Nicolas Potter 6 metre design in progress at Wilmington Boatworks. This is the unusual 'Harpoon', which I will profile in the near future. One interesting note is that the article's writer is ignorant of the fact that San Francisco terror Arthur Rousseau has recently purchased the Scandinavian Gold Cup winner 'May Be' from Sven Salen. This bold acquisition will change the equation in the West. Stay tuned.

A special bonus for readers who have made it this far. The article's descriptions of the L. Francis Herreshoff  'R' boat 'Live Yankee' certainly begs the posting of a photo of this strange creature. The close-up shot below comes courtesy of Scott Rohrer and shows Live Yankee at the docks of the Tacoma Yacht Club in 1944. The boat was sold to Chicago in 1946 and was later broken up in the mid-60's.

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