Tuesday, June 25, 2013

1928 Olympics coverage

Well, I'm pretty certain there was other media coverage of the Olympic regatta in the USA and other countries, but I'll guess none of the others were from a sailor's perspective. Ben Weston was a California boy sailing on Owen Churchill's 8 metre, "Babe", one of the "one design" eights designed by Starling Burgess and built in Germany at Abeking & Rasmussen. The scoring system is discussed, and appears to be something like a modified Gold Cup format. To win the regatta (and the Gold medal) you had to have the most first place wins and practically nothing else mattered. The sixes appear to have had a rough time. Looks like it was more of a NASCAR race than a regatta. Johan Anker, with Crown Prince Olav as crew, won the Gold medal for Norway. The USA entry, Herman Whiton with 'Frieda', a 1927 Clinton Crane design, sailed here in the first of his 3 Olympic 6 metre regattas; 1928 (5th), 1948 (Gold), 1952 (Gold).

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