Friday, June 21, 2013

1928 Season wrap-up, West Coast edition

Following the March races little was reported on the burgeoning 6 metre phenomenon on the West Coast, other than a little build up for The Southern California Regatta at Long Beach. Over 175 yachts, both power and sail, participated in this festival of speed. The inside harbor was used for the powerboats, Limited and Unlimited, inboard and outboard; see the first photo below of the fantastic Unlimited hydroplane, "Miss Los Angeles" (16 cylinder motor, 800 H.P., 75 MPH) and other boats. Note large sailing ships in the background.

Further below I have scanned in the breathless account of the 6 metre races, written by H.B. Warren, with Ray Chapin photos. The racing for the sail boats took place between August 6 - 10, 1928.  



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