Monday, June 3, 2013

A long time coming

For a while now Hank Thayer has asked me to post a history section on the North American 6 Metre Association website and I'll admit to being challenged for how best to accomplish this. As a stop-gap measure I'll begin posting materials here such as old photos, scans from old magazine articles and first person accounts related to 6 metre sailing on the East Coast, Great Lakes and the West Coast.

Herewith, the first of what will likely be many images.

The painting below is a view from a boatyard in Hamilton, Bermuda by Rolf Klep, who was a renowned illustrator of technical drawings, children's books and marine scenes. He was a master of the cutaway drawing of things such as airplanes, buildings, bridges and weapons. The 3 sixes in the background are, left to right, K3 Achilles, one of 3 identical boats built by in 1930 by Bjarne Aas for Bermuda yachtsmen (the other 2 were Viking and Sea Venture), a boat with K 56 on the mainsail, which must actually be US 56 Jill (?) a 1931 S&S design, and K 49 Saga, a 1936 design from Bjarne Aas. The K 56 mainsail is interesting, and must be poetic license, since KB 56 Solenta was not built until 2 years after this painting was published in Yachting Magazine of October 1936. Thanks to Hank Thayer for the contribution.

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